Welcome to Globis Trading

Globis Trading is a company devoted to creating and developing strategic alliances with producers all over the world in order to provide high standard quality products. The networks that we have built allow us to position ourselves a competitive, efficient, and reliable provider for our customers around the globe.

Our vast experience catering to all international markets has allowed us to innovate the way we do business. Our staff is deeply committed to meeting our client’ needs in a timely manner and at highly competitive prices. We are dedicated to creating business opportunities that meet the requirements of today and the goals of tomorrow.

Our headquarters located in Amsterdam, Holland give us that edge needed to be competitive in a global economy and provide us with the right tools and logistics to work with and in markets all over the world.


We strive in sourcing and managing all logistical aspects of our trade in a responsible, competent and dependable manner.

International Markets

Over the past several years we have been connecting our customers to a broader and larger scale market. We pride ourselves in the network we have created, concentrating on long lasting relationships at a worldwide level.


At Globis, we are always focusing at ways of improving our service and performance levels.We constantly seek for new ways to reliably deliver commodities effectively and efficiently.